• 3D Laser Lipolysis & liposuction what is the difference?

    In the classical liposuction procedure, fluid is injected into the fat area by using sharp and large cannulae to fragment the fat tissue with the surgeon's physical force and subsequently vacuumed with negative pressure. Liposuction is usually performed in hospital and under anesthesia. It is also common to have  bruising for 20-30 days because it is carried out with mechanical impact. Subsequently a corset needs to be worn for up to 1 month. Even in light liposuction a recovery period of at lea..

  • Spore & Diet 3D laser lipolysis An alternative?

    Sport and diet have no place in shaping the body. Overall weight is lost with a diet and the shape becomes slimmer overall without changing in proportion. When weight is gained the situation becomes more dramatic and the proportion starts deteriorating. Apple type people – accumulate weight in the belly line while pear type people accumulate weight along the leg - hip line. When loosing weight the first part to go is the breast-cleavage area. Therefore, continuous weight gain and loss deform the..

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