Arm Lift

Why arm lift?

As the skin loses its elasticity due to sudden and excessive weight loss or with aging, sagging of the arm skin can occur as in many parts of the body. In very advanced cases, sagging of the skin in the arm may be accompanied by sagging of the tissues on the side of the armpit and chest wall.
Sagging of the arms usually occurs on the inside and top of the arm.

How is it done?

If the skin of the arm is sagging, excess skin and adipose tissue in the arm is removed. The incision made after arm-lift operations will leave a scar on the arm. We try to keep this scar as hidden as possible and make it less noticeable. However, the greater the amount of sagging is, the longer the incision length and the remaining scar will be. But If compared, the results will be much better for the patient from the original state of the arm.
If there is a slight degree of loosening and fat in the arm, a good result can be achieved with 3D Laser Lipolysis; and of course, there will be no scar. Occasionally, Arm with Much fat and a lot of saggy skin can recover to the satisfaction of the patient after the application of 3D laser lipolysis, usually the patients with very few stretch marks.

Arm lifting can be performed under general or local anesthesia; however, preferring general anesthesia is more accurate for the comfort of the surgeon and the patient. Operation takes 1, 5-2 hours.


After the application, not to tight medical garment have to be worn. There is no serious pain after the operation. The patient is discharged the next day; After 3 days, the garment is removed and the dressings are removed and the patient can take a shower. We recommend using the corset for at least 10 days. patients can go back to social life after a week. The stitches will self-melt.