Body Aesthetic

  • Arm Lift

    Why arm lift? As the skin loses its elasticity due to sudden and excessive weight loss or with aging, sagging of the arm skin can occur as in many parts of the body. In very advanced cases, sagging o..

  • Leg Lift

    Candidates, due to Pregnancy, aging, sudden or excessive weight changes or excessive sunbathing the skin will be thinner with time, as the elastic fibers and collagen fibers will get damaged, creatin..

  • Brazilian Butt Lift

    What is the ideal buttock shape? The female body appears feminine with its curves rather than slimness and thickness. The appearance of the buttocks in this body defined as a tea cup or hourglass is ..

  • Vaserlipo (Liposelection)

    What is Classical Liposuction? In the classical liposuction procedure, a special liquid is injected into the application area and fat cells are inflated. After the administration of the liquid, high ..

  • 3D Laser Lipolysis

    What is 3D Laser Lipolysis ? 3D laser lipolysis is a body shaping application that combines vaser or ultrasonic lipolysis and laser lipolysis uses power assisted devices for fat extraction. Wh..

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