Brazilian Butt Lift

What is the ideal buttock shape?

The female body appears feminine with its curves rather than slimness and thickness. The appearance of the buttocks in this body defined as a tea cup or hourglass is also very important. The ideal butt shape differs according to the person’s outlook as is the case for all aesthetic issues, yet there is a generally accepted butt shape that is considered feminine. It is a rounded-out, slightly rearward and raised butt shape that does not extend to the left or right. This is defined as the Brazilian Butt (BBL-Brazilian Butt Lift)

Flat butts are often encountered especially in individuals with slender legs and fat waist-belly areas defined as ‘apple’ shaped figures. Age, weight gain, post-pregnancy, pre-menopausal phases the buttocks appear to sag even more with the thickening of the waist band and back and decrease and loosening of the elastin-collagen fibers. In this case, it is necessary to shape the upper body with 3D Laser Lipolysis. The extracted fat is used in the buttocks to give volume as well as a more lifted appearance. Skin quality is increased and tightened with the laser and ultrasound technologies working inside the skin. Body proportion returns to normal by transferring fat cells to new locations such as the buttocks.

Genetically, there are often ‘trochanteric fossa’ in the upper corners of the butt that are independent of fullness. They can be encountered even in very obese women. Buttocks which are flat, bulging at the sides with layers of fat making the leg line disappear with fossa to boot is a major complex which any woman who cares about visual beauty will want to hide for the rest of her life. These defects can easily be eliminated with fat injection to the butt and Vaser and Body-Jet Evo methods can be used to give the buttocks a new permanent shape.

The classical female shape is ‘Pear-shaped‘. The legs of this body type in which the upper body is slimmer than the lower body are usually short and thick. Pear-shaped women with extended hiplines tend to wear large shirts or tunic-like things to cover them which makes the legs appear even shorter. Pear-shaped women should exercise very carefully, an incorrect exercise program can make their legs overly muscular and appear thicker. In fact, 3D Laser Lipolysis can be used to eliminate wide hiplines, below the butt banana folds, fat from the insides of the knees as well as the downward fluctuation in inner thighs. Using the fat extracted with 3D Laser Lipolysis when necessary to shape the buttocks is an ideal solution.


What technologies are used when sculpting Brazilian buttocks?

The objective is to get live fat cells and quickly place them in the planned areas. There are two technologies for this purpose:

  1. Vaser (Ultrasonic Lipolysis)
  2. Body-Jet Evo (Lipolysis with Water pressure)

In the Vaser and Body-Jet Evo method, the vibrations caused by the liquid and sound waves sprayed to break up the fat tissue are only at the level of breaking the bonds between the fat cells. These are special technologies for fat cells.

With the Body-Jet Evo method a liquid is sprayed into the fat tissue at a certain angle in a fan shape to disintegrate fat.

In the Vaser method, special sound waves are used to separate live fat cells.

Vaser and Body-Jet Evo provide the separation of fat tissue like grapes without damaging the fat cells at the desired level and at the desired area.

Why is the Brazilian butt choice of method important?

With Vaser and Body-Jet Evo;

  • The results are permanent. Since the fat cells are not structurally degraded and the transfer is done very fast, they maintain their vitality and this filling remains highly insoluble.
  • Since there are no traumatic procedures, the blood vessel and nerve structures in the region remain intact after the removal of the fat cells.
  • Since the fat cells used belong to the patient, there is no possibility of tissue incompatibility during the filling application.
  • Fat cells immediately adapt to the area of transfer.
  • The shape of the butt is almost complete on application.
  • Skin appears bright and tight after application.

How is a Brazilian butt done?

With the 3D Laser Lipolysis process, fat is removed from the waist, belly and back line or inner thigh and leg line ie. Banana fold using the Vaser or Body-Jet Evo, it is injected into areas that need to be lifted and form a perky and shapely butt. Thus, the individual gets a more shapely, vibrant, full, protruding and sexy butt with her own fat.

Vaser and Body-Jet methods require a minimal amount of fluid to be given under the skin. This increases the surgeon’s decision-making power over the outcome of the operation and the success of the cosmetic surgery.

In these technologies, the thin veins and nerves, which proliferate around the fat cells, are not damaged so that post operational bruising and pain is less than with conventional methods.

With Vaser and Body-Jet Evo, a more uniform and firm skin appearance is obtained by reducing the likelihood of irregular appearance of the skin, which is more common in classical liposuction methods.

Procedure duration;

Phase 1; Subcutaneous fat tissue is applied with low pressure liquid and local anesthetic material, specially adjusted to transfer fat with the Body-Jet Evo.

Phase 2; Fat cells are liberated from surrounding tissues with sound waves (vaser) and specially tuned pressure water assistance (Body-Jet Evo).

Phase 3; On one hand, the fat cells are released and they are taken to the external environment with the help of special cannulas. As this process takes place in a cycle, no liquid accumulation occurs. Body-Jet Evo extracts fat cells with adjusted minimal pressure with minimal impact and trauma to the fat cells .

Phase 4; Washed in a special collection container the fat cells are injected immediately into areas to be filled.

Brazilian Butt application is intended to make the buttocks fuller, rounded and robust by injecting large amounts of fat. It is important to use techniques that will keep the survival rate of the fat as high as possible, both when extracting and filling because of the high amount of fat injections.

The fat obtained with the Vaser and Body-Jet Evo method does not contain necrotized wastes and dead cells as it is taken with low pressure and is continuously washed. Most of the resulting fat continues to survive in the injected area.

With the Vaser and Body-Jet Evo method, the amount of fluid remaining after the operation is almost negligible, therefore it is possible to see the result immediately after the operation.

Can the Brazilian butt be done with liposuction?

In the classical liposuction method, a very large amount of fluid is injected under the skin at the beginning of the operation (Tumescent technique) to facilitate the intake of adipose tissue. The surgeon performs the operation to separate the fat cells from the surrounding tissues by using physical strength with liposuction cannulas in various diameters which reduces the viability of the fat cells. In addition, fat tissue is usually extracted with high-pressure vacuum devices in classical liposuction. This high pressure also reduces the viability of fat cells. Therefore, the success rate of high-volume fat transfers made with classical liposuction also decreases.