Today, there are many surgical and non-surgical body shaping methods. Surgical methods offer a very long healing process; non-surgical methods have many disadvantages in terms of non-permanent effects. However, the J-Plasma method is a new application with both short and comfortable healing and permanent properties. J-Plasma is a new generation body contouring and skin tightening technology. Especially in thin but with loose skin patients, the results are extremely satisfactory. After taking fats in body contouring operations It is an ideal method for patients who will have very loose skin after body fat removal. This technology not only shortens collagen fibers to the maximum, but also enables the formation of new collagen fibers.


  • Since J-Plasma is a minimally invasive method, both comfortable and healing process is short, is the latest generation with high technology method for body tightening, and shaping.
  • J-Plasma method is the most preferred application in skin rejuvenation and cellulite treatment which is frequently applied recently, because it can be applied to people of all ages and all skin types, it has maximum reliability and has very fast results.


-With J-Plasma, radiofrequency energy combines with helium gas and reveals the highest idealized power of helium gas for anti-aging fibroblast stimulation. With the produced helium plasma energy, the heat under the skin increases to a maximum, creating collagen contraction and new collagen stimulation. 65 to 85 degrees of protein iron trapanes are formed, which are necessary for fibroblast stimulation. In this way, collagen is shortened and a rejuvenated subcutaneous tissue is formed.

-The effect of J-Plasma is a new stimulation of collagen caused by a long-term controlled response to heat damage. Unlike other radiofrequency energies, the device can heat subcutaneous fat and connective tissue from 42 degrees to 85 degrees without damaging the skin surface. The new and state-of-the-art technology does not cause the energy provided by the device to defeat the tissue resistances and decrease in a short time.
 the technology used during J-Plasma application reaches a temperature of 80-85 degrees under the skin, it does not cause skin burns because it does not allow the skin surface temperature to exceed 40-42 degrees. It is a highly reliable and controlled application.  Even when high temperatures are reached, there is no heat damage on the surface of the skin.

-J-Plasma reaches the targeted high temperature under the skin in a very short time J-Plasma creates immediate and maximum contraction of the connective tissue under the skin; this effect occurs instantly during application; a visible shock effect is noticeable. Coagulation fibrosis caused by J-Plasma is very thin. This thin fibrosis tissue provides firmness and cellulite-free appearance in the treated area.
– The long-term effect of J-Plasma is related to the recovery phase after high energy applied. In this phase, an extremely high degree of collagenase activation begins to break down the fragmented collagen matrix. This dermal new collagen formation lasts for 6 months. For 6 months, rejuvenation, tightening and skin quality increase continues.

Rapidly reaching between 65 and 85 degrees in the temperature of the fibro septal web to produce the desired tightening effect on the skin causes the maximum shortening of the web. In the devices used in body shaping, in previous technologies, when this temperature was reached, the risk of burns and tissue death on the skin surface was extremely high. Therefore, the tightening and stretching effects were much lower since the previous devices were safe between 40 and 60 degrees.

There are 2 key heat levels in thebody:

  • The temperature on the surface of the skin should not exceed 47 degrees.
  • For maximum collagen stimulation under the skin, the temperature must exceed 65 degrees.

If the heat on the skin surface exceeds 47 degrees, the skin starts to burn; therefore, the technology used for the skin tightening of the surface of the skin temperature should remain below 47 degrees so that the skin tightening can be done safely. Subcutaneous heat below 65 degrees does not stimulate sudden shortening of the fibro septal network and the formation of severe new collagen; therefore, the temperature under the skin should rise above 65 degrees.

The best results for collagen stimulation occur at temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees. The greater the temperature difference between the skin surface and the subcutaneous skin created by the devices, the greater the tightening effect. In the former body shaping devices, the difference between the skin surface and the subcutaneous temperature is 15-25 degrees, while J-Plasma is 45 degrees. This means that J-Plasma is much more effective and safer than other technologies. In J-Plasma, the subcutaneous tissue heats up very quickly and cools down rapidly. This shock effect provides maximum contraction in the fibro septal network, while minimizing the heating of the skin surface.
For this reason, J-Plasma is not only very effective but also very reliable.
Fat tissue impedance is between 3000 and 3800 ohms. Previously used devices were not sufficient for the fibro septal network within the adipose tissue as they provide impedance up to a maximum of 1000 ohms. J-Plasma can maintain peak power up to 5000 ohms without any reduction in energy.

The radiofrequency devices used in previous body contouring have started to lose power after reaching maximum power and the effect is reduced, while J-Plasma can easily operate with average 5 times the power of other devices without loss of power during the application.

What is plasma energy?

Helium gas combines with radiofrequency energy and plasma energy is generated. Helium gas is a very strong gas and does not cause any reactions in humans. Plasma energy provides maximum tightening of connective tissues under the skin. Plasma energy is colder than laser energies. In this way, the tissue does not cause burns, and does not cause irregularities called “undulations” and fluctuations in the skin. This means that the risk of tissue damage is low and it is a very safe technology.

What are the advantages of J-Plasma?

Applicable to face, neck and body
Lack of large scars and incision due to no skin removal in the applied area
Fast healing process
Having a secure application
Homogeneous appearance on the skin surface as it will not burn under the skin
Long-lasting results.

Application Areas:

  • Abdomen
    • Back
    • Waist
    • hips
    • Leg inside
    • Knee
    • Banana fold
    • Gynecomastia
    • jowl
    • For the treatment of cellulite

Can J-Plasma be combined with other cosmetic surgeries?

It can be easily combined with other surgeries. Combined with fat reduction procedures such as 3D Laser Lipolysis, both thinning is achieved in the applied area, and tightening of the loose drooping skin after fat removal is achieved with J-Plasma to achieve satisfactory body contouring results.

What is the importance of J-Plasma in Body Contouring?

J-Plasma is ideal for patients with loose, cellulite skin, seeking fast and effective results, and seeking a permanently minimally invasive solution in a single session. It should be preferred for loose and loose around the waist – belly especially in the people who lost fast and excess weight.

What is the recovery time after J-Plasma?

Patients can usually return to their daily lives and jobs within a few days. Full recovery after J-Plasma surgery may vary depending on the size of the treated areas and the amount of fat taken. In the first month after the operation, the appearance of a firmer and tense skin becomes apparent. Targeted tightening and skin tension are maximized in the range of 3 to 6 months.