Spore & Diet 3D laser lipolysis An alternative?

Sport and diet have no place in shaping the body. Overall weight is lost with a diet and the shape becomes slimmer overall without changing in proportion. When weight is gained the situation becomes more dramatic and the proportion starts deteriorating. Apple type people – accumulate weight in the belly line while pear type people accumulate weight along the leg – hip line. When loosing weight the first part to go is the breast-cleavage area. Therefore, continuous weight gain and loss deform the face and cleavage, breasts shrink and sag while  areas such as the waist, belly and hips accumulate fat and the body proportions continue to deteriorate day by day. This is a full vicious cycle. The right  thing to do is to stay away from diets that result in weight gain and loss, get into shape with 3D laser lipolysis and adopt right nutrition principles for a healthy life and maintain this standard. Sports can only thicken, flex, stretch the muscles. Sport has no effect on skin tissue and fat cells. It is scientifically impossible to transform fat into muscles by doing sports. No cell can turn into another. The number of fat cells needs to be reduced in order to change shape. Doing sports to change the shape of the body is not only a waste of time, it is infliction. Even knowledgeable pilates trainers, ballerinas, fitness trainers, personal trainers solve their shape related problems with 3D laser lipolysis and do sports to be healthy and to keep their muscles dynamic. When a man with gynecomastia tries to fix it with sports, his chest muscles will develop and he will look larger because of his large breasts; a man trying to remove the fat in his belly with the dream of turning it into muscle and a six pack will work his abdominal muscles to make his belly look even bigger. Growing muscles push the fat tissue forward and make the defect more pronounced. In order to burn calories while doing sports, it is necessary to do a cardio workout to maintain the heart beat over 140 per minute for more than half an hour. This poses a serious risk of a  heart attack for people with a waist circumference over the standard. Low-tempo walks do not burn fat, it is only therapy. Correct the waist-belly with 3D laser lipolysis and then to do sports safely.

No diet or sport will slim our belly, waist, hips, ankles, arms, under-chin independently from the other areas.