Vaserlipo (Liposelection)

What is Classical Liposuction?

In the classical liposuction procedure, a special liquid is injected into the application area and fat cells are inflated. After the administration of the liquid, high negative pressure is applied to remove fat from the body with the help of cannulas.

What is Vaserlipo ?

Vaserlipo is one of the most effective and safe methods of getting rid of endemic fat and gaining a fit body appearance.

Handpieces manufactured from high quality piezo-electric material and high-purity titanium probes are used. Simply put, it works with the principle of separating fat cells from each other with ultrasonic sound waves. It is very effective for shaping fat.

How is Vaserlipo done?

After the liquid is applied to the application area, the energy sent to the handpiece from the main power generator creates a special frequency in the titanium probes (long titanium rod) by means of special ceramics that create the piezo electricity. This back and forth ultrasonic motion in the metal creates special wavelength ultrasonic sound waves in the liquid medium. This sound wave causes the fat tissue cells, which are grouped together in the body like a bunch, to expand and shrink, and eventually when a certain strength is reached they repel each other and scatter like grapes.

Why is Vaserlipo application called Liposelect ?

Vaserlipo only acts on the adipose tissue because it uses a specific sound wave that affects only adipose tissue. As the vascular, nerve, ligament and muscle tissues in the target area are not affected, the process safety level is ultimate. The fat-selective application does not damage the surrounding tissue either. The connections between the fat cells that cling together are broken by the ultrasonic sound waves. The application does not fragment the fat cells, they remain to float in liquid in a colloidal state. The extracted liquid has a milk consistency. The fat cells separated with ultrasonic sound waves form a mixture with water and can be extracted with low pressure and fine cannulas without harm to the body. Or the emulsified liquid is extracted into special collectors for use in lipofiling applications. After special filtration it is filled into injectors and injected into the desired area. Extracted fat can be used to fill men’s chest muscles, shoulders, face, hips and the face, lips, hips, breasts of women. Vaserlipo provides a great advantage in total body shaping.

Which areas are preferred for shaping ?

Vaserlipo can be used anywhere from a small area to a wide range of areas, from low-fat areas to very fatty areas where fat needs to be shaped. It provides an effective result by mixing (emulsifying) water and fat.

It is a very effective method in treating oversize mammary glands, gynecomasty in men. It is especially effective in areas which are difficult to shape such as thighs, calf, ankle, shoulder and outer arms, face and chin.

Difficult areas : The subcutaneous connective tissue of the upper abdomen, calf and thigh fronts, shoulders and outer arms in particular is very firm. It is rather difficult to intervene in the excess adipose tissue in these areas because it is located between the tight connective tissues. When classical liposuction is used in these areas to extract adipose tissue either the extraction is not adequate or serious cosmetic problems can be observed after the application. Therefore, many doctors do not want to treat these areas.

Difficult Patients:

1) Patients with severe fat accumulation (more than 2lt from a single area) 2) Patients who have gained weight quickly and subsequently lost some weight and have loose even drooping skin, stretch marks 3) Patients with very thick subcutaneous tissue. Endeavoring to extract fat from such patients with classical liposuction will generate both inadequate results and aesthetic defects such as undesirable fluctuation, sagging and dimpling. For this reason, many physicians do not want to treat this type of patient.

Vaserlipo can be safely applied to difficult areas and excess fat in every part of the body. No incision is made in the body for application. The intervention is made from 3 to 4 mm wide orifices. The orifices are opened in areas with folds as much as possible to conceal them..

What are the advantages of Vaserlipo?

It is much more effective than conventional liposuction operations and gives more uniform and homogenous results. The complaints about a wavy appearance frequently encountered after classical liposuction are minimized. Because the fat and the liquid become a mixture, much finer cannulas are used to extract it from the body and therefore less damage incurs in the surrounding tissue. This results in less bruising and a faster recovery.

Which patients are preferably treated with Vaserlipo?

Vaserlipo is very effective when patients who have previously had liposuction or laser lipolysis and want to get rid of their fat again. Since only specific sound waves that affect adipose tissue are used, it allows us to liquefy the fats between tissues which have hardened due to previous applications without affecting the other tissues and without unnecessary side effects. It may be preferred for patients who need adipose filling or slightly built patients with taut skin instead of laser lipolysis.

How long does a Vaserlipo application take ?

The duration of the operation is slightly longer than that of conventional liposuction methods. The duration varies from 1 hour to 5 hours depending on the volume of fat to be extracted. The amount of fat that can be extracted from a patient varies from 0.5 liters to 4-6 lt.

How does Vaserlipo compare with Lazer lipolysis in terms of plus and minus sides ?

The main advantage of laser lipolysis processes is the tightening effect on the skin surface. Although tightening of the skin has been reported as a result of Vaserlipo, when I look at the results in practice, the tightening effect is less than that of laser lipolysis. Vaserlipo is a much more effective system for extracting fat than tightening skin. I prefer Lazerlipolysis for patients with loose skin.

Return to social life after Vaserlipo?

Social life can be resumed the next day after a small area application. If multiple areas have been treated or if excessive fat is extracted, the patient can go back to work after 4-5 days. The use of a corset for 2 weeks after the application is recommended, usually no bruising or long-term edema is observed although this may vary according to the individual. The patient can start to practice light sports and massage 15-20 days after the surgery. Heavy sports can done after the 45th day.

What is High Definition(Hi-Def) Lipo Sculpturing ?

One of the new popular applications is High Definition (Hi-Def) body shaping. This application also preferred by foreign movie stars has also started to become popular in Turkey.

In this application which is highly sensitive and takes the body anatomy into consideration, subcutaneous adipose tissue is shaped to support the appearance of the muscles and the muscle structure and the muscles become more prominent after the Hi-Def application.

All patients are not suitable for High Definition (Hi-Def) body shaping. Patients whose skin is loose, internally adiposed, excessively fat and non-athletic, underdeveloped muscles are not suitable for this application.

High Definition (Hi-Def) is an application which should be preferred by male or female patients who have not been able to define their muscles adequate although they practice active sports.

The objective Hi-Def lipolysis applications is to shape the abdomen, chest, waist and shoulders, the muscles of these areas as determined in accordance with the anatomy of the person to gain a muscular appearance. During the application, not only fat is extracted, fat injections are applied to some areas to define muscles. The six-pack image is manifested in male patients who have had High-Definition (Hi-Def) applications applied to the abdomen area.